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109,13 EUR*
Details Self-Interest before Adam Smith: A Genealogy of Economic Science (Ideas in Context, Band 68)

Self-Interest Before Adam Smith A conceptual and historical inquiry into the concept of self-interest before Adam Smith. Full description

68,00 EUR*
Details Abigail Smith Adams - By Gilbert Stuart - giclee Leinwanddrucke 28x34 Inch Ungerahmt

This is an Unframed 28" by 34" Giclee Canvas Prints of Abigail Smith Adams - By Gilbert Stuart

12,49 EUR*
Details Adam Smith: The Man and His Works

"Adam Smith's political economy, as we shall endeavor to show, has meaning for all times, and indeed in many ways even the modern era has not yet caught up with it."-E. G. West, in his Prefatory Note.Adam Smith, author of "The Wealth of Nations," was ...

24,40 EUR*
Details After Adam Smith: A Century of Transformation in Politics and Political Economy

Few issues are more central to our present predicaments than the relationship between economics and politics. In the century after "Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations", the British economy was transformed. "After Adam Smith" looks at how politics and ...

29,64 EUR*
Details Dreamers of Zion: Joseph Smith & George J. Adams - Conviction, Leadership & Israel's Renewal

Joseph Smith, Jr, founder of the Mormon movement, and George J Adams, one of his least known followers -- two Gentile dreamers of Zion -- were instrumental in encouraging Jews and Christians to support the restoration of Israel. For Joseph Smith ...

22,00 EUR*
Details MF Matthias Friedel - Luftbildfotografie Luftbild von Adam-Smith-Straße in Ingolstadt (Ingolstadt), aufgenommen am 14.09.06 um 15:30 Uhr, Bildnummer: 4442-29, Auflösung: 4288x2848px = 12MP - Fotoabzug 20x30cm

Format: Fotoabzug 20x30cm Bildnummer: 4442-29 Datum: 14.09.06 Uhrzeit: 15:30 Auflösung: 4288x2848px = 12MP Ort: Adam-Smith-Straße in Ingolstadt (Ingolstadt) Straßen: Adam-Smith-Straße, Albertus-Magnus-Straße, Cusanusstraße, Thomas-Morus-Straße ...

204,79 EUR*
Details Historic Print (L): Adam Smith, L.L.D. by Library Images

Typical Image Size: 16x20", Paper Size: 20x24"., Decorate with history or give a tasteful gift.